Hair Goals

Hey everyone! How is everyone? I went home sick yesterday, it was really bad. But whatever. Today’s post is about hair goals. No Martin, it’s not your time to shine, that’s for later. You see those woman who look great hair. Such stunning waves as it flows in the wind. Well guess what? I can’t… Continue reading Hair Goals

Dog Expo

Hey everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great! I went to the Pet Expo with my mother and we saw so many dogs. They were all so cute! There were three Border Collie puppies in a cage. One was sleeping and the other two were loving all the attention. There were German Shepard’s walking… Continue reading Dog Expo

Hello Dolly

Hey everyone! How’s everyone doing? Today’s post is about our musical “Hello, Dolly“. This weekend only, taking Reagan’s stage is the one and only¬†“Hello, Dolly”! Yesterday the cast was performing for the middle school, and they sounded amazing! So, I’m planning on going Saturday. Tickets are $8 for students and elders, $10 for adults. I… Continue reading Hello Dolly

Buddy Bear

Hello everyone! This blog post was a request from my “friend” Jazmyn. I’m kidding about her being a “friend”. She is my goodie goodie Gumdrop. I’m texting her right now and she is being a very bossy butt. ¬†“Hurry up and post it!” dude, I’m going the fast I can, you might have to wait… Continue reading Buddy Bear