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Hello everyone, how are you? High School so going so well! I meet many new teens, some old and new. I miss Burdick because, the teachers, big lockers, Macs, small school, and etc. These photo’s above show you some experience of what high school is like. The picture with the five girls was when we went Homecoming dress shopping. You may know who the girl closer to the camera is Jesse. The one behind her is Natjilia, and Aida. The other two on the left side is Michelle and Gabby. There my best friends. The other picture with me next to the chicken was a fun day. I was at the bus stop and there’s KFC sitting there. Kellen thought it was so funny and decided to take selfies with it. The next photo with all the cuts on my arm was weird. Natjilia was throwing a Halloween party and I was invited. So, my costume “The Accident”, I dressed up as a driver hitting a tree. (That’s why you should never text, stare at a hot guy, or play “Flappy Bird” while driving kids!) So, we had so much fun and went Trick or Treating. Last photo was of Maggie (Left), Lexi (Middle-Left) Kathryn (Right), and I (Middle-Right) from Homecoming. Our “party” consisted of 12 people. We chose Applebee’s to eat before the dance. Let’s just say we all pigged out! Our bill was $146! That was a fun night!

So, that’s some peek’s into High school life. But always remember, never choose the wrong people to hang around you.

Happy Turkey Day! <3

The New School Year!

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven’t posted in three months. I started high school August and I’ve been trying to keep on board with homework, swim, stage crew, and my life. Today, I will be telling you some tips on High School. If your going to Ronald Reagan then these you the ultra best for you.

Good Things to Do/Learn:

  1. Don’t be late! If you have 10 minutes till the bell rings and you have security, Ha! Have fun with a Detention!
  2. If you don’t know where something is ask an older student, they’ll help you.
  3. Write you assignments down in you assignment notebook! That’s why you have one!
  4. Be in your class before the bell rings! #YourLate!
  5. Join Clubs to make new friends!
  6. If there’s a fight in the hallway, don’t just stand there! WALK AWAY!
  7. Get your homework done the first night!
  8. Ask for help if you don’t understand the work.
  9. Don’t Judge other people, or they’ll judge you! Rumors spread fast! #Duh
  10. Use Manners! Big one people!
  11. Don’t lose your ID because you need that to get into the school and for lunch!
  12. Have fun!
  13. Always remember where your classes are.
  14. Be Balanced

Bad Things not to do or Learn:

  1. Be lazy!
  2. Don’t forget your assignments!
  3. Be polite!
  4. Don’t be unorganized!
  5. Don’t Join to many clubs and get behind everything!
  6. Don’t Forget Everything!
  7. Don’t be mean!
  8. Don’t make a fool of yourself
  9. Don’t “fake” sick! It will get you in SO much trouble!
  10. No Sleeping
  11. No Daydreaming
  12. No horseplay

High School can be hard and fun! Don’t let drama get in the way! Everyone may seem shy, mean, and popular at the start but it’s all good. I’m 5″2 and I have to look up or get on my tippy toes to to see where I’m going. All my classes have at least 1 Burdick student in it so you may not be alone. Maggie and I just finished our Science Fair Project about what conditions does bread need to make mold. I think we got an Advanced!

Have a nice day!  I’ll try to post a lot more! Bye…


This is What I Think of You… Hope you like!

  • Alex                 A Good Friend
  • Bianca            A Awesome Friend
  • Brandon         A Big Fat Muscular Monkey (lol)
  • Chandi           My Geekaronie
  • Cheyanne      Funny Girl
  • Christian        My Rival of a Friend
  • Elicia             Cool Girl
  • Emele           Fashionista
  • Ezequiel       BMX Boy
  • Gabrielle      Fabulous  Girl
  • Gavin           Danger 101
  • Gino             Sports Boy
  • Harlan         Worst Pokemon Player Evea!
  • Iris               Crazy Hair Girl
  • Isaiah          Over Dramatic Soccer Boy
  • Jacob          Music Boy
  • Jake            Bieber Boy
  • Jazmyn       Anger Management Girl
  • Jesse          Pixie Girl
  • Johnny        Funny Boy
  • Kacey          Kardashian
  • Kathryn        Book Worm
  • Kiara           Crazy Girl
  • Lily              One Direction Girl
  • Martin          Loser at Pokemon
  • Natalie        Blondie
  • Nick               2x worst at soccer than Isaiah
  • Rawan        One Direction Freak
  • Samuel        Gamer
  • Steven        Burper Boy
  • Tristan         Guy who is Slender
  • Skonecki      Bald Guy


Flight Simulators…

Hey Everyone! How was your day in Chicago yesterday? I know I had a great time SCREAMING!! Yes, I was screaming. So was Rawan too. Haha! I didn’t know we had a audience listening to us. When we got out of the Simulators, Mr.Skonecki was laughing at us because of our screaming (mine). Rawan and I went on it twice, and we killed all together, 6 people. I had so much fun, I wish I can go again. Share your experience in the comment’s below, would you like to go there again? Like, Follow, and comment. Bye!!